Retail systems and Design solutions


Top Gear Cycles/Specialized Australasia


• Create a dedicated retail space to wow customers

• Enable Top Gear team to expand its product range and services

• Maximise the new 300 square metre space for both customer experience and back of house efficiency



• Get it done in just three weeks!


Our approach

• Utilise our design experts to make maximum use of the space for varying needs

• Enable our custom design and build process to deliver in the short time frame

• Build a custom bicycle and accessories display area to create maximum appeal for customers

• Establish a functional bike repair workshop and office space

• Create a dedicated space for the bicycle fit studio, a key point of difference in the competitive retail environment

• Use recycled timbers and natural materials to create a harmonious, welcoming space

• Assist the client in the seamless transfer from previous tenancy to new premises


Client comment

“The Tasman team swung into action with immediate effect. The design was created within days and custom manufacture began almost immediately.  They understood the space had several different requirements and were able to create a seamless design that maximised each area.  The clever design has allowed us to increase our product range and attract new customers.  What’s more the team helped with the logistical nightmare of moving from our old store to the new location – making it easy and stress free.”


Peter Hepworth, Owner


Tasman Group

P: (03) 9459 6944  F: (03) 9459 5892